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Berlusconi Claims Milan is on the Verge of Civil War

I’m sorry to have to mention Italy’s odd prime minister yet again, but he’s started to make really ludicrous claims in order to try to recapture Milan in the second round of local elections due at the end of May.

The latest claim made by Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is that Milan is on the verge of civil war!

After his candidate Letizia Moratti lost the first round of elections for mayor here in Milan, Berlusconi is really trying every trick in the book to convince the city’s voters to vote for his party – up to and including using provocative terror tactics, it seems.

Is this responsible behaviour for a prime minister of a democracy? One wonders.

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These are the kind of words one would expect from the likes of Mussolini.

Heaven knows what will happen next.

Further reading:

Il Giornale 23 May 2011: In Italian – Berlusconi: allarme su Milano “C’è un clima da guerra civile” – Berlusconi: alarm over Milan: “Civil war is in the air.”

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