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Berlusconi Babe Caught with 24kg of Cocaine

Federica Gagliardi, also known as Silvio Berlusconi’s “white lady” was stopped at Rome’s Fiumicino airport today and arrested after 24 kilograms of cocaine were found in her hand luggage.

Ms Gagliardi who accompanied Berlusconi to the 2010 G8 meeting in Canada was returning to Italy from south America.

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Today is the second time a lady in Berlusconi’s entourage has been arrested on drug charges. In early 2011, Marysthell Polanco, another member of Italy’s ageing Lothario’s harem, ended up sentenced to 8 years in prison for drug trafficking after being found in possession of 12 kilos of cocaine.

Charges of drug trafficking will most likely be levelled at Ms Gagliardi who aside from acting as Berlusconi’s aide, has also been active in politics with, as you may have guessed, politicians closely linked to Silvio Berlusconi.

So far neither Berlusconi nor his representatives have commented on the arrest.

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