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Berlusconi Moves to Annul Ruby Bunga Bunga Case

It has come to light in Italy that Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers are working hard to ensure the sordid Ruby Bunga Bunga case never reaches a conclusion.

Silvio Berlusconi is facing charges of abuse of office and of having sex with Ruby, the “stage name” of an allegedly underage prostitute and he was convicted of these crimes by a court in mid-2013. Berlusconi maintains he’s innocent of all charges and is appealing the decision of the court.

The next installment of the Berlusconi bunga bunga case is due to be heard in front of an appeal court in Milan on June 20th; if, that is, it goes ahead.

Moves are afoot to demonstrate that Milan magistrate, Ilda Boccasini, who oversaw the Ruby case investigations, acted beyond her authority with regard to some aspects of the case. Berlusconi has often claimed Boccasini is out to get him.

If Berlusconi’s legal team achieves its aim, the infamous Ruby case may be annulled. Berlusconi’s lawyers are said to be cautiously optimistic that they will achieve their goal.

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Veteran Milan magistrate Ilda Boccasini, however, will be no push over.

The stakes are very high. If the appeal proceeds and Berlusconi’s guilt is confirmed, this will further damage his battered image. Not only this, but should the conviction become conclusive, Silvio Berlusconi may well face a lifetime ban on holding public office. This would effectively spell the end of Berlusconi’s chances of ever being elected in Italy again. It would also further discredit the Forza Italia party he continues to lead, despite his conviction for tax fraud.

Further bunga bunga case developments will be reported on Italy Chronicles.



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