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Bargains to be Had on Holidays in Italy

If you are on the look out for cheap holidays, now is a very good time to think about visiting Italy.

News reports in Italy are full of comments about Italians who have been unable to take their usual summer breaks.  Whether this is because they are short of cash, or maybe they are putting their money away for a rainy day, is not totally clear.  What is clear though, is that Italy’s hoteliers are not all that happy.  Bookings are down, which means Italy’s hotels, and there are some lovely ones, have plenty of space.  Bargain time!

The fact that fewer Italians are holidaying in Italy this year means that there could well be plenty of bargain priced accommodation on offer, which means Italy as a travel destination is likely to be especially good value both this year, and, most probably, the next.

Destinations Galore

Italy is full of fabulous places to visit: Rome, Florence,Venice, Milan, Genoa, Turin and the lovely Cinque Terre, Naples, Sicily, and more, much more.

Romans in Rome
Romans in Rome

There are old favourites like Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and Abruzzo, plus Puglia, and unspoilt delights like the sleepy Italian region of Molise.

Mountains and more

How about spectacular mountain scenery?  No problem.  Italy has plenty of that.  Try the stunning Sud Tyrol.

Are lakes your thing?  Great!  How about Lake Como or Lake Garda?  And do not forget Lake Maggiore – it’s beautiful too.  And that’s not all!  There’s Lake Iseo and not far from Lake Maggiore is the tranquil beauty of Lake Orta and San Giulio island.

Lake Orta and San Giulio Island
Lake Orta and San Giulio Island
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Stop reading, start speaking

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Not only will the stunning landscapes enthrall you and leave you with some great photo memories as well, you’ll also find some great food and wine in Italy.  Then there is the beer.  What?  Italy?  Beer?  Yes, indeed.  Italy has a thriving craft beer brewing industry, especially in Italy’s north, but not only.

Summer Sunshine

To compliment everything else, Italy has a fine climate.  Summers in Italy are hot and sunny – just the kind of climate for anyone looking to escape the dreary grey of the UK, and elsewhere.

Italy has lots to offer those looking for a holiday, and then some!

So, when are you coming to Italy?  Soon, I hope.  There’s probably never been a better time.

P.S. I recently came back from a day trip to Venice and Italy’s floating city was as magical as ever.  I’ll be back again.  One day is never enough to experience Venice.


Lake Orta & San Giulio island photograph by Alessandro Vecchi

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