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Audio Interview on Starting an Expat Business in Italy

Italy has a reputation for being a hard nation for starting a business in. Red tape, regulations and other aspects can create problems, however, with perseverance, setting up a business in Italy can work as American expat Corey McCathern knows and explains in this interview.

Corey runs Corey’s Soul Chicken in Milan, Italy and it’s the first Kentucky fried chicken joint in this northern Italian city and quite possibly the only restaurant of its kind in the whole of Italy. If you know of others, I’m happy to be corrected. Corey’s happy with the way things are going, even if he has suffered a handful of hiccups. Actually, he’s so happy with the way his business is going, he’s got big expansion plans.

Corey McCathern
Corey McCathern – the Soul Chicken Man

Corey does have two advantages which have undoubtably helped him get his business off the ground in Italy. Firstly, he speaks Italian fluently, and secondly, he’s been in Italy for 17 years so he pretty much knew what to expect from the outset.

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In this interview, Corey will tell you about the trials and tribulations of starting a business in Italy. He’ll also tell you where you can find information and he also offers some advice to other Americans who are thinking of doing the same.

I can personally vouch for Corey’s Soul chicken as I am a regular customer – if you are suffering from pasta or pizza overload, go try Corey’s fried chicken!

Here’s the interview for you:

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