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ASBOs and Baby Gangs

This story makes worrying reading. A 16 year old killer is bad enough, but a 14 year old gunman? What the blazes is going on? How can we let society get to this stage? It's bad news, in every sense.

Now I don't know if the UK is the first country in the world to introduce these Anti-Social Behavior Orders – this would surprise me, but what gets me is that it was necessary to introduce them. Something somewhere is going seriously wrong. It has been going down hill for some time, when I was back in the UK, young offenders were often sent on character reforming adventure holidays and cruises, at the tax payers expense. A nice idea, these young trouble makers often come from unusual families and don't seem to understand the concept of 'having a future'. So, they had a nice holiday, and then went back into the same circumstances as had sparked off their anti-social and criminal tendencies. Guess what? This blighters went and re-offended more often than not. Strange, but most normal people could have reached the same conclusion and thus saved the tax payers lots of dosh which could have been spent on improving communities or something useful. What happened to all the lottery money?

These ASBOs are the latest attempt to shut the door after the horse has bolted. From what I understand these orders are little more than pieces of paper which say that you are not to do naughty things again – or else we'll send you on a four week holiday in the Bahamas, or something like that.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Do kids actually learn anything useful about life in school? Should some people be banned from procreating? Maybe. Suggestions are good, but actions, sane logical ones are what are needed to curb this worrying trend.

Italy is not immune in this respect either, although, so far, the activities of the so called 'baby gangs' (groups of often under teenage kids robbing and mugging) have been relatively limited. For the moment. The Italian government has not yet even considered introducing ASBOs or any such thing, possibly because the family unit is still strong here and kids respect parents. For the moment.

The fact that changes happens slowly in the living museum is sometimes not such a bad thing. Not such a bad thing at all.

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