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Ariel Sharon

When my other half heard about Sharon's first stroke, she commented that maybe he had been poisoned. Bearing in mind the radical changes he has introduced, it is more than likely that he has created one or two enemies along the way. It is thus feasible that someone or other may have attempted to silence or punish him – hence the stroke. Then again, Sharon is not the lightest individual ever to have graced this earth and thus, this, combined with the strain of being so radical may well have proved too much. Net result, alas, a stroke, soon to be followed by an even stronger one. When one takes into account circumstances, the possibility that these strokes were down to natural causes does not seem too remote.

Last night, though, we heard that Sharon required emergency surgery to his digestive system, and some 20cms of his intestines had had to be removed. This kind of damage sounds as though it could have been caused by poison, although a) I'm no doctor and b) I'm pretty sure that those who were behind such a plot would have used a poison that could not have been easily identified as such.

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Still, one's initial reaction to Sharon's latest round of problems is to raise at least some doubts as to whether all his recent problems have resulted from purely natural causes.

Time, may tell, or we shall never know. The latter is more probable.

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