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Anti-Flu Vaccine Jabs May Have Killed 19 in Italy

Italy’s RAI news service is carrying a story that three people in Italy, two in Sicily and one in Italy’s Molise region may have died after taking anti-influenza vaccines. The death toll has now risen from an inital three to eleven and now to 19 . However no link has yet been established between the deaths and the flu vaccine. Analyses are underway and the results should be made public in a week or so.

UPDATE: December 1, 2014: – Initial analyses of the Fluad vaccine have now been carried out on both, suspect batches – in double quick time – or so Italy’s health minister announced today.

Minister Lorezin stated that there’s nothing in the Fluad vaccine tested which gives cause for concern. However, via a forum entry linking to this article, I’ve discovered that something known as squalene MF59 is contained in the Fluad vaccine by Novatis. See this Novatis document for more information: MF59® Adjuvant Fact Sheet – .pdf file.

The Culprit? Probably Not.

Squalene MF59, it has been claimed, causes “severe and permanent” side effects and may have been the cause of death of someone who was administered the “highly toxic vaccine adjuvant squalene MF59” – marketed as Fluad.

Here’s an an except from an article on the Natural News website:

At a 2010 gathering of the American Rally for Personal Rights in Chicago, registered nurse and retired Air Force Captain Richard Rovet warned his listening audience about the dangers of squalene MF59, the devastation and horrors of which he witnessed first hand during his time in the service. The experimental oil-in-water adjuvant, which was forced on all servicemen beginning in 1999 via the mandatory anthrax vaccine, caused many of Capt. Rovet’s comrades to suffer severe and permanent side effects. One of Capt. Rovet’s closest friends, in fact, was actually killed as a result of squalene MF59.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042241_Gulf_War_syndrome_flu_vaccines_MF59.html#ixzz3KgPMjkdy

The article also claims that squalene MF59 was the cause of Gulf War syndrome. However, the World Health Organization does not believe squalene is dangerous.

WHO – Squalene Not Dangerous

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Note, despite what the Natural News article may claim, the World Health Organization does not consider squalene to be dangerous, indeed, indirect reference is made to the claim made in the Natural News article. See this Global Vaccine Safety document for more information: WHO – Squalene-based adjuvants in vaccines

Over 22 million doses of squalene-containing flu vaccine have been administered. The absence of significant vaccine-related adverse events following this number of doses suggests that squalene in vaccines has no significant risk. This vaccine has been given primarily to older age groups. – the World Health Organization

The squalene issue has been picked up by Italy’s press too.

More information about Squalene can be found on Wikipedia: Squalene – occurs naturally in both sharks and humans. It is also present in that most Italian of staples – olive oil.

The Situation Prior to December 1 2014

Two batches of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostic s.r.l. FLUAD vaccine have been withdrawn from the market as a precautionary measure (though may be placed back on the market) – this means other batches are still available throughout Italy. RAI reports that the reportedly elderly individuals died 48 hours after taking the vaccines. A fourth person in the Molise region is said to be seriously ill. Today, November 28, and as noted above, the number of deaths stands at 11.

Those who have died were generally old and, from news reports I’ve heard, already suffered from health issues.

If you are an expat in Italy who has obtained FLUAD – Diagnostic s.r.l. anti-influenza vaccines and live in Sicily or in Italy’s Molise region, then if you have not taken the vaccine – and perhaps you should not – you should return the vaccine to wherever you obtained it. On the other hand, if you have taken the vaccine, advising you local doctor may be wise. It seems problems manifest themselves within 48 hours although one 68 year old person died within ten minutes of being administered the vaccine.

As a matter of interest, my family and I have all had our winter anti-flu jabs and we are fine but we didn’t use the FLUAD vaccine. I live in Milan, Italy.

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