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Another birthday prezzie

Should I be embarrassed about this? I mean, I am now 40, that’s four whole decades old. So what does my other half get me? Well, er, shall I tell you? Oh Ok, enough dithering, I’ll just go and spit the toad out, as they would say in these parts and tell you. She got me a Playstation (PS2 – one of the new slim ones if you happen to know or want to know about these things).

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I know that I should be too old for these things, but what can I say, I love it. I got the version with a driving game called Gran Turismo 4, I think, and it is dangerously addictive. I also got another game, but I’m not going to say what it is. I am forty after all and I do go a little red thinking about the fact that I have joined hordes of pimply Playstation owning teenagers. Better late than never!? Oops. Have to go. Got a spot to squeeze. Talk about returning to one’s youth. Can’t wait until the young one is old enough to play too. Got plenty of time for practice fortunately. Don’t want the little chap thinking his dad is an old duffer, now do we? A trendy duffer, maybe. Now where did I put that game pad, got to do a few laps of Laguna Seca after a touch of spot squeezing and before I head for bed. You know how it is, don’t you? Please say you do.

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Italy’s Uncivil Corruption

After allegations that Berlusconi has been league with the mafia for many years, come investigations into corruption involving of all people, the head of Italy’s civil defence organisation, Guido Bertolaso. All on the eve of the reignition of Italy’s nuclear power program.


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When banal is good.

I spoke to someone who complemented me on my work website – englishisin.com.  She said that although the advice on it was ‘banale’ it actually