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An Opportunity for Italy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rajab is coming to study Italian in Italy this summer.

Now why should this present an opportunity for Italy? Well, Italy is very well placed geographically to receive bright young things from north Africa, which is an area, unlike central and southern Africa, alas, which appears to be moving ahead, silently, but quickly.

In some respects, north Africa could be compared to India – which is another area which is on the up and up.

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If Italy played its cards right, it could set up plenty of facilities to satisfy the craving for education the youngsters from these areas appear to have.

Not only this, but Italy could end up with some bright new talent too.

As Man of Roma pointed out in his ‘The Southern Shores of the Mediterranean‘ post, Italians are more closely related to those on the other side of the Med than perhaps many would like to admit. Which means that those on the other side of the Med can be made to feel quite at home here.

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