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An Anti-Drink Drive Video for Italy

Driving under the effects of alcohol and drugs is becoming an increasing problem in Italy, especially amongst young people.

The anti-drink drive videos often shown on the television here are, in my opinion, a bit weak, and don’t thump the Italian psyche anywhere near hard enough.  This is an example of the kind of video which may just do the trick in Italy.  It’s in Italian, and on YouTube.

It’s a rough and ready effort by myself, but the message is clear enough.  It does not pussy foot around the drink driving problem.  I’ll refine it over time.

Take a look and tell me what you think, even if you think it stinks.  Translations of the text used in the video are provided both below and, via some YouTube magic, within the video itself.

Anti-Drink Drive Video Presentation in Italian

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

There is a musical soundtrack.



  • Questo è Marco, un ragazzo semplice – This is Marco, a normal guy.
  • Questa era la mamma di Marco – Paola. Una donna meravigliosa – This was Marco’s mother – Paola.  A wonderful woman.
  • Marco ha bevuto un po’ troppo una sera.. ed è deciso a guidare a casa – Marco drank a little too much one evening and he decided to drive home.
  • Marco ha colpito ed ammazzato una donna meravigliosa – Marco hit and killed a wonderful woman.
  • Quella donna era la sua mamma – That woman was his mum.
  • Questa storia non è vera – This is not a true story.
  • Ma puo’ essere – But it could be.
  • Non guidare sotto gli effetti di droga o alcool – Don’t drive under the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Teen Alcohol Abuse Statistics – an American site where I borrowed the photo of the guy in the video.

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