Articles on the following themes will appear on the days shown below:

Articles on other Italy related subjects may appear at any time, though broadly, news type items will be published from Monday to Friday, with culture and travel features appearing at weekends. All articles are transmitted via social media to over 20,000 followers and friends. Italy Chronicles has also recently launched a digest newsletter.

This Editorial Calender will help your business to place targeted adverts on Italy Chronicles. Advertorial type articles are accepted.

All articles on Italy Chronicles relate to Italy, though articles may also cover overseas aspects of Italy and Italian culture.

Please note: Only advertisers in Italy, or outside the European Union can place advertisements.

A VAT invoice can be raised for advertisers in with businesses registered in Italy.

Please contact Italy Chronicles if you would like to place an advert for your business in articles on a specific subject.

The deadline for advertising applications is four weeks prior to publication.

Two advert sizes are possible:


Article top right or left – above the fold – 300 by 250 pixels – either banner or text – cost: €500.

In article – centre of article – below the fold – 336 by 280 pixels – either banner,  text or video – cost: €300.

Note that video ads must be hosted off site.

Adverts which are racist, offensive, incite hate or are personal attacks will not be published.

The promotion of adult or sex services is not possible.

Contact Italy Chronicles if you would like to place an advert for your business.

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