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Added a couple of links – Trade and Hobby exhibitions in Milan

If you manage to scroll down far enough and look at the right hand side of this blog, you will find a couple of links entitled: Milan – Exhibition Calendars.  For the moment there is a link to the well known Milano Fiera, where most of Milan’s trade fairs are held and another link to the Novegro Exhibition Park.

The Milano Fiera set-up is huge and many international trade fairs are held at one of its sites.  Indeed, tt is worth mentioning that Milano Fiera is has two locations.  The first, known as Fieramilanocity, refers to the city of Milan site which is quite close to the centre.  It is easily reachable via Milan’s red underground line, but just make sure you get one of the trains that is heading for Rho/Pero and get off at the Amendola Fiera stop, and you will not be far away.  The second site, known as FieraMilano, which is much newer, and will become the permanent location of Milan’s exhibition space, is located on the north west side of Milan.  Again it can be reached via the red underground line.  In fact it is on the same line as the Fiera Milano City site, you just stay on the train until the end of the line which is the Rho Fiera Milano stop.

I really don’t need to say much about the Milano Fiera organsation, because it is already well know internationally.  But there is another lesser known exhibition area, which is just about next to Milan’s Linate airport, and this is the Novegro Exhibition Park.  Now while this place is much smaller than the Milano Fiera operations, there are more general interest collectors type exhibitions held there.  For example there are a few toy and model shows, such as Borsa Scambio and Hobby Model expo, and a couple of antiques fairs.  Not forgetting the militaria and wine events, which may be of interest. And last but not least, there is also a fair for classic and vintage car, and motorcycle enthusiasts, the sort of people who are often trying to track down some hard to find bits and bobs.  So if you are mad on Moto Morini’s, love Laverda’s or dote on Ducati’s, or need bits for your ancient Alfa or beloved Lancia, this could well be an interesting place to check out.  Those of you who traffic in toys and models may also find this fairs have quite a lot to offer too.

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I’m not sure anyone should make a special effort to visit the Novegro events, but it would not be a bad idea to pop in if you happen to be in Milan on business or have decided to let your other half lose on a long weekend shopping spree in the centre of Milan.  I even know of what looks to be a rather nice hotel that is very close by, but more of that another time.  Indeed, getting to this exhibition area could not be easier.  You could simply take a 10 minute ride in a taxi from Linate airport or you could even walk there.  It’s that close to the airport.

The only drawback to the Novegro place is that all the information about it appears to be in Italian, but with an on-line translator you could probably work out what is on and when.  Or drop me a line.

If you do end up there, then please do write and let me know what it is like.  I would also be interested to hear whether it really is as interesting as I believe it is.

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