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One of Casamonti's Tuscan wines - L'Elogio

Seeing as I like to try spread the word on the joys of Italian wines, I’ve been over to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk to find a selection of books on Italian wine which are bestsellers.

Tracking down Italian wine books to help you find the best Italian wines was not that easy – actually, it was a little like knowing wine names and which Italian wines to try – I had to trawl through a long list of books which contained information on everything and anything Italian, except wine!

Well, I’m pleased to report that I managed to come up with two top ten lists of Italian wine guides for you to add to your own personal wine library so you can find the best Italian wines to try.

I’m a great fan of books on wine as they really can help you find interesting wines to try – to this I can attest.

This list of books on Italian wine might give you some gift ideas, or why not treat yourself to an Italian wine guide?  Note that although the books listed are best sellers, not all of them have sparkling ratings, and it is a good idea to read the reader reviews as well.

Of course, if you do go ahead and get an Italian wine book, then you can read it, review it on Amazon, and help others make purchases which are more informed.

I certainly recommend trying Italian wines – there are some great wines to be discovered in Italy, and the prices of Italian wines are not as high as you might expect either.

Here’s the Italian wine book list.  Actually, there are two, one Italian wine book list from Amazon.com and the other from Amazon.co.uk. You may find it interesting to see which Italian wine books are popular in the USA compared to those which appeal in the UK.  Amazon.com wine enthusiasts might discover one or two interesting books on Italian wines that are popular with wine lovers on Amazon.co.uk, and vice versa.

Top 10 Bestselling Italian Wine books on Amazon.com

Grandi Vini - Best Selling Book on Italian Wine
Grandi Vini – Best Selling Book on Italian Wine

1. Grandi Vini: An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines – still very popular!

Reviews of Grandi Vini: An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines:

“A compelling read that brings Italy’s most important wines to life, Grandi Vini is a must-have book for anyone serious about Italian wine.”
–Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

“Joseph Bastianich’s very provocative, enthusiastic, and personal look at Italy’s greatest wines is a must-purchase for all wine enthusiasts.”
–Robert M. Parker, Jr.

“It is difficult to be objective when talking about one’s offspring, but unequivocally Joseph Bastianich, my son, has one of the premium wine palates in the industry. His infinite passion for wine is evident in every word he writes about it, in every sip he takes, and in every bottle he makes. Grandi Vini, eighty-nine wine stops through Italy with Joe, is definitely a trip worth taking.”
–Lidia Bastianich

“Joe has created a greatest hits list of many of my favorite wines but also added delicious illumination with wines I was not familiar with–and that are now on my must-drink list. Reading Grandi Vini is like being a member of a secret wine geek club with access to the previously private whole magilla on the modern Italian wine world.”
–Mario Batali

2. Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy – of this book, one happy customer said: “As owners of a small American vineyard who love to travel through Italy picking up ideas, enjoying new tastes, and just plain enjoying the people and their wine, this is simply the best book we’ve found in years.”

3. Italian Wines 2014 – “This is an invaluable resource on fine Italian wines.”, commented a customer giving this book a 5 star review.

4. The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy: A Regional and Village Guide to the Best Wines and Their Producers (The World’s Finest Wines)

5. Vino Italiano Buying Guide – Revised and Updated: The Ultimate Quick Reference to the Great Wines of Italy

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

6. Italian Wine for Dummies – a good book for anyone wants to become more familiar with Italy’s wines.

7. Matt Kramer’s Making Sense Of Italian Wine

8. A Wine Atlas of the Langhe: The Great Barolo and Barbaresco Vineyards

9. The New Italy: A Complete Guide to Contemporary Italian Wine

10. The Ecco Guide to the Best Wines of Italy – Kindle edition and
The Ecco Guide to the Best Wines of Italy: The Ultimate Resource for Finding, Buying, Drinking, and Enjoying Italy’s Best Wines – Paperback

The Top Ten Books on Italian Wine on Amazon.co.uk

Vino Italiano: Regional Wines of Italy - Best Selling Italian Wine Book
Vino Italiano: Regional Wines of Italy – Best Selling Italian Wine Book

1. Vino Italiano: Regional Wines of Italy Softcover –

2. Italian Wines 2010

3. The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy

4. Grandi Vini: An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines

5. Italian Wines for Dummies

6. Wines of Italy: A Complete Guide to the Grape Varieties, Growing Regions and Classifications of Italian Wine

7. Vino Italiano – The Regional Wines of Italy Hardcover

8. Matt Kramer’s Making Sense of Italian Wine: Discovering Italy’s Greatest Wines and Best Values

9. Barolo to Valpolicella: The Wines of Northern Italy (Classic wine library)

10. The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy: A Regional and Village Guide to the Best Wines and Their Producers (World’s Finest Wines)

Happy Italian wine book browsing.

If you do buy any of these Italian wine books, please do come back here and tell us what you thought of them. Of course, if you make a great Italian wine discovery after reading one of the books listed – come back and tell us all about it!

Knowing more about Italian wine might even help you decide where to buy a holiday home in Italy, or may help you decide which areas of Italy to visit if you decide to come to Italy on holiday.

By the way, the best place to actually try Italian wines is Italy – but you knew that already, I’m sure.

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