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A Fabulous Seafood Feast in Charming Cesenatico

cesenatico seafood

Last weekend I was invited to sample the delights of Italian seaside resort Cesenatico which is on Italy’s Adriatic coast, a little further south than Rimini.

Cesenatico, apart from being a well organised seaside resort, is also a fishing port and it has an excellent reputation for seafood and fish cuisine. I understood why last weekend while tucking into an amazing seafood and fish buffet at the seafront Miramare hotel. What a memorable meal! Great company too!

The buffet was very much a feast for the eyes and the taste-buds and looked every bit as good as it tasted as I hope these photographs I took will show.

Spoilt for choice, we were! One felt compelled to try a little of everything, so one did one’s best 🙂

Obviously, one had to start somewhere, even if it was not that easy to choose…

Spoilt for Choice! Seafood Buffet Starters
Spoilt for Choice in Cesenatico! Seafood Buffet Starters.

Next it was time for the main course. Once more, the choice offered in Cesenatico did not make things too easy.

I tried some of these:


Next, I went for a little of this:

Colourful and Tasty!
Colourful and Tasty!

These were super delicious – cheesy pastry:

Super Delicious!
Super Delicious!

Then, some of this:

Salmon time!
Salmon time!

Then it was time to try this:

Fish, fish, glorious fish!
Fish, fish, glorious fish!
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

And I simply had to try this:

Anchovies on Piadina
Anchovies on Piadina

Yes, it all tasted as good as it looked, if not better. Top marks for presentation to the chefs at the Miramare Hotel!

As if all the above was not enough, then there were the fish cannelloni which were delicious. The only trouble was that by the time the cannelloni appeared, I was feeling a little on the full side! And, of course, I wanted to save a little space for dessert! I think I had two desserts, or maybe three. Once again, the choice was extensive:

Desserts galore in Cesenatico
Desserts galore in Cesenatico

Everything was washed down with spumante wine, which like my favourite prosecco, is an Italian equivalent of champagne. To round off the feast was coffee and for those who could manage it, a limoncello or some other Italian after dinner drink.

Finnish blogger Sonia with coffee
Finnish blogger Sonia with coffee

For one young lady who’d come all the way from Arizona, seeing all this ‘real’ food was an overwhelming experience. Not so overwhelming as to prevent her from tucking in though!

A good time was had by one and all. Like all great meals, it sparked plenty of great conversation!

Bloggers at Cesenatico's seafood and fish feast.
Bloggers conversing at Cesenatico’s seafood and fish feast.

Now, wouldn’t such an impressive spread look great at a wedding, or for a corporate bash? I’d say so.

Fish and seafood buffets, plus tasty desserts, are one of Cesenatico’s many attractions.

With great thanks to the hoteliers of the Cesenatico Bella Vita association for putting on such a wonderful spread.


All photographs by Alex Roe

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