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A New Gourmet Rooftop Restaurant in Milan

A New Rooftop Restaurant in Milan?

While out with my camera around Christmas in central Milan last year, I spotted what looked like a new rooftop restaurant, bar, club or whatever, right next to the entrance to the elegant Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade.

I have investigated and have discovered that the structure is a gourmet ‘roving’ restaurant called The Cube and is sponsored by Eletrolux.  It opened on December 19th 2011 and will shut its doors, and be dismantled presumably, on the 26th April 2012.  Those who wish to eat there will have to book in advance and there is only space for 18 diners.

I have not been, but would like to, although it sounds as if it may be a little rich price-wise for my blood.  Probably just the place for a meal for the management team of major multinational after a meeting in Milan.

A little further down the street, and above the red ‘M’, there is La Rinascente‘s fine rooftop restaurant which is well worth visiting – and will not move on in April this year – but it does not have a clear view of the impressive façade of Milan’s Duomo, although this new place will have a great view.

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Anyway, here is a photograph showing the location of the interesting Cube, complete with huge windows, which looks to have a large terrace too.  The view from the retaurant is stunning, as can be seen from photographs on the official website.

New Rooftop Restaurant in Central Milan – The Cube

A New Rooftop Restaurant in Milan
A New Rooftop Restaurant in Milan

More information, in Italian, on this itinerant luxury eatery, along with photographs of the view can be found here: The Cube

This post is for Natasha Wesseling who is, apparently, coming to Milan in March this year.

Photo by Alex Roe

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