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A game for the kids of all ages

Coming to the living museum this summer? Driving here by any chance? Well, if you are you could try this little game. Let’s call it ‘Spot the different types of eateries.’

How do you play? Easy you look for these different types of eatery:

  • Bar – 1 point
  • Bar tabaccaio – 2 points
  • Bar ristorante – 2 points
  • Bar pizzeria – 2 points
  • Bar ristorante pizzeria – 3 points
  • Bar ristorante pizzeria tabaccaio – 4 points
  • Albergho/hotel bar ristorante pizzeria tabaccaio – 5 points (quite rare and you’ll have to be going pretty slowly
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

A ‘tabaccaio is a place where evil smokers can stock up on ciggies and other smokables (And buy stamps, pay fines, do the pools, pay your TV licence (which not many people do), buy sweets, pens, toys and a host of other things you never knew you didn’t need).

You could reward the highest scoring kid with a free ticket home or something, because they will probably drive you mad with this little activity and sending them back home may seem the only option which will preserve your sanity!!

Have fun!

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