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A Foggy Night in Milan – Photographs

Foggy Milan

Many years ago when I first came to Milan, winters were cold and foggy.  Nowadays fog in the centre of Milan is quite rare, which is why when I say it was good and foggy the other evening I whipped out to attempt to capture the atmosphere, and to try out a fast 50mm f1.4 lens.

Here, then, are a few black and white photographs of Milan in the fog.  Why black and white?  First, I like black and white, and second, black and white captures the mood of foggy nights better, or so I think.

There is also an image of the, er, Christmas butterflies in via Paolo Sarpi.  Well, they look like butterflies to me, but I think they are supposed to be angels.

Foggy shot one:

Foggy Night in Milan, Italy
Foggy Night in Milan, Italy

Looking in the other direction along via Procaccini in Milan:

Foggy Milan
Foggy Milan
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Stop reading, start speaking

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And the Christmas butterflies gracing via Paolo Sarpi. The fog had started clearing by this point:

Christmas Butterflies in Milan
Christmas Butterflies in Milan

And last, this is Christmas Time, or butterfly time, perhaps:

Christmas Time in Milan, Italy
Christmas Time in Milan, Italy

If more fog envelops Milan, good thick pea souper stuff, I’ll be out there once more to shoot the fog, so to speak.

Another four photos of Milan by night can be seen in this Flickr set: Foggy Night in Milan

For the technical, these captures where shot in RAW, with the camera, an EOS 40d set to black and white, but in DxO Optics, they showed up in colour.  I converted them back into black and white adding some DxO magic to try and achieve a good ‘black and white’ look.

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