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A communist visitation

Oh dear. I think I offended the bloke who touts the communist rag. My other half is, alas, a bit of a commie sympathizer, bless her little heart. I put it down to her philosophy degree. Here in the living museum, the communists still have a sort of following and even have a political party which never wins enough votes to end up with some sort of power, but can often be found as part of a left wingish coalition, when the left wingish parties here happen to scrape enough votes to form a sort of a cocktail of a government.

Anyway, seeing as my wife generally gives the commie reps 5 Euros for their party rag, we get called upon by young card carrying, newspaper selling men rather too regularly. These guys seem to think they are on a good thing, because the coughing up of money for the rag is quite frequent from this household. Well, that used to be the case.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Doorbell rang this evening; usual young chap with the rag; which we never read anyway. However, my other half was not at home. Not to be discouraged, the chap asked for the usual 5 Euros, but I told him it was my wife that usually handed out the dosh, but I was not interested in handing over money. Although, I think I once did. (Does that make me a commie? Oh my, what will the CIA make of me?) I must have been feeling kind that evening. Not that I have any love for commies and their outdated ideas. Won’t these people get the message? Did the communist system, famous for its extreme equality and interesting concept of human rights, that existed in the country now run by an ex-KGB bloke, not fail rather miserably once the long suffering population finally got sick of being less equal than all the red flag waving party members? China anyone? Seems that this communist society is evaporating rather fast. Not that the land of dragons and surprisingly long stone walls has been treating its occupants any better than the Moscow movement, by all accounts.

When will these utopian idealists finally wake up? Communism is a nice idea, but then so is capitalism and even socialism. Fascism is a bit extreme, as eliminating all those who you don’t like does not strike me as being the best way for human beings to progress and, like communism, practical trials have been undertaken and the results have not been that pretty, now have they. The reason for the general failure of communism, in this blogger’s not so humble opinion, that human nature is, at the moment, still fairly narcissistic, so when an opportunity to get one over on your fellow man comes up, it’s more often than not taken. The Communist idea gave those capable of managing power a great excuse for wielding a big axe, in much the same way as religion is exploited in an often far from altruistic way.

I do wish someone would come up with a new, workable political theory which might just make a difference (and reduce the power the marketing men, maybe). A dream? At the moment, yes. A hope. Yes, but then hope has always been eternal, of so they say. Although, ‘hoping’ is a little like waiting for a bus during a strike. You can wait for ages, but nothing will happen. However, seeing as ‘everything comes to he (or she) who waits, as another little saying goes (see entry about my new MP3 player), there is still, er, hope. I think. I hope. Oops! That’s done it. Now I’m really confused. Must be the water.

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