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A close shave with some sharp bread.

There is an odd story in the news here today. Apparently a lady here in Lombardy nearly came to a sticky end after eating some potentially lethal bread. What happened is that while she was chewing away she became aware of blood coming from here mouth. She thought she had broken a tooth, but the blood kept on coming, and luckily she decided to spit the chunk of bread out instead of swallowing it and it was then that she found the razor blade that had cut the inside of her mouth badly. Hence the blood.

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Using their loaves the carabinieri who were called discovered that said razor blade had ended up in the bread not maliciously but accidentally. In the hypermarket from which the bread had been bought, it was normal practice for uncooked bread to be scored with razor blades to allow them to cook properly. Obviously, at some point one of the bakers had become distracted (mobile phone ringing?) and the razor blade had remained in the loaf. The consequences of this innocent error could have been tragic, but with luck on her side, the victim came off rather lightly. A close shave, if ever there was one.

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