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A blow with a silver lining, maybe

Our two year old has passed quite a bit of time in a private and expensive creche (asilo nido). This is because we could not get him into the council run creche in time. Now, we have managed to get him into the council run and much cheaper creche. Good. Well, no, not exactly.

You see our little one is coming into the council owned creche from a private unit and this means that he is used to different systems, apparently. OK, I can accept this. However, the period of getting him used to his new creche starts, wait for it, on the 3rd of October and will last up to two weeks. There was I hoping the new creche would start up in September. No such luck. We tried to remonstrate with them over this, well, my other half did, she is better at dealing with these things – I just get angry over the petty rules, but all her pleadings were to no avail.

Now, what I cannot understand is that these places are designed for working parents, but they don't make any allowance for the fact that most working parents do not have summer hols lasting until the beginning of October. No such luck. I wish.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

This means that we now have to engage the services of a babysitter, which will cost a small fortune and not allow me to get much work done at home. It is very frustrating.

On the plus side, I think (!?), it appears as though our little one will be treated like a little god in this new creche, which seems to be very professionally run. Almost too professionally. This may sound a daft thing to say, but I'm not sure about giving kids too much leeway – they do need to get used to the fact that at times they just cannot have/do what they want. At least it appears that he will be treated well, I suppose. Potentially, the service is much better quality than that of the private creche which he was sent to before. Marty, the two year old in question, was very happy with his previous creche, so I just hope he will be happy with this one.

As an aside, I have to say that, from our experience, sending very young children to creches for long periods does them absolutely no harm whatsoever. Quite the contrary. Of course, the character of the child comes into play in these situations, but I don't really see too many disadvantages. Marty seems to be exceptionally well advanced for his age. My father drew this to my attention when he noticed that Marty was doing things which two year olds don't normally do. He was comparing Marty to his other grand child, Maddie, who is slightly older than Marty, but who has passed 90 per cent of her time with her mother. Marty may also find going to school much less traumatic than other children, possibly. Time will tell.

If you are thinking of sending your little treasure to a creche, don't worry about it too much. You might actually end up doing him or her an enormous amount of good.

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