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1000 Drawings Tuscany – 1000 Designi Toscana

1000 Drawings Tuscany – Doodle to make a Difference

Looking for that perfect, original Christmas present that will bring a HUGE smile to a special person’s face this year? Then come to Maremma in Tuscany with ten Euros in your pocket. Every piece of original art/photograph purchased on the Night of 1000 Drawings Tuscany on 20 December 2014, in the stunning medieval and Renaissance city of Massa Marittima will also do something magical: it will be a gift that will change a life. The proceeds will help a child who has nothing and an animal at risk of extinction. Come and wonder at the talent of Italian artists – from children to grandparents – and enjoy an evening of Maremma hospitality that will leave a warm memory in your heart forever.

What is 1000 Drawings?

1000 Drawings is a very simple concept that can change lives.

It is based on the belief that individuals can make a difference, that everyone can draw, and that, together, the creative talents of the general public can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

1000 Drawings asks people to doodle, sketch, or paint something, anything, and donate their creations to be sold to raise money for a good cause.

Anyone can take part. Well-known artists, illustrators, celebrities, street and tattoo artists, from primary school children and grandfathers!

Draw anything, with anything, on anything A5.

A5 photographs are welcome too.

1000 Drawings is spreading around the world

The original project has grown and been adopted in other countries: this year will see 1000 Drawings projects taking place in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Munich, and Tuscany.

1000 Drawings Tuscany
1000 Drawings Tuscany

Where will the money go?

Each drawing and photograph will be sold for 10.00 euro and the profits from the project will be donated to Save the Children and the World Wildlife Fund.

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And as with all the 1000 Drawings projects, ten per cent of the profits will be donated to help support the original South African charity.

The big event: the Night of 1000 Drawings Tuscany

The Night of 1000 Drawings Tuscany will take place on Saturday 20 December, 2014 from 18:00 in the 14th century Palazzo dell’Abbondanza in the centre of Massa Marittima, Tuscany, Italy.

Admission free.

Exhibition doors open at 18:00. You may attach your numbered tickets to the designs you wish to purchase from 20:00 onwards – but you will have to be the first in front of the design at 20:00 to do so! Designs will be taken down for you to purchase from 21:00, so don’t loose your matching numbered ticket to claim it whilst you are trying the local food and wine on offer during the event 🙂

More information may be found on the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/1000DrawingsTuscany

If you cannot attend, but would like to contribute to make the night a huge success that would be fantastic!

Send your A5 doodles, designs, sketches, paintings, collages, photos… to this address in time to reach me by 17 December 2014.

1000 Drawings Tuscany
c/o Cooperativa Colline Metallifere
Via dei Vetturini 11
Massa Marittima (GR)

Can I only submit one piece or photograph?

No! Please donate as many doodles, drawings, paintings or photographs as you like! The more the better!

Can schools get involved?

Yes, of course. If you are a teacher and would like to organise a class or whole school event, that would be wonderful.
Remember to ask your students to write their names on the back of their creations.

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