The Thunderously Good Aprilia Tuono V4

Italian motorcycle maker Aprilia makes some interesting bikes, and this road tester thought Aprilia’s aggressively styled naked Tuono V4 was fantastic, as you will hear in this brief video road test.

By the way, “tuono” is the Italian word for “thunder” – not a bad name for a high performance road bike.

The reviewer thinks the Tuono would make an ideal bike for someone who finds full-blown road racers, like the Suzuki GSX-R for example, a little too extreme.

The Aprilia Tuono

The Aprilia Tuono

On to the video road test from Australian motorcycle magazine Cycle Torque:

Aprilia Tuono V4 – Featured road bike test

YouTube Preview Image

I love the sound of this bike.

Go drool over more Aprilia motorbikes on

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