The Battle for RAI


Italy's RAI state television and radio service has long been controlled by Italy's politicians.  As a rule, the political party in power has more say over what is, or is not, transmitted by RAI.  This may soon change. The political interference up until Silvio Berlusconi came on the scene, was … [Read more...]

Reforming Italian Television

At present the Monti led Italian government is discussing reforms to the governance of RAI.  Not everyone in Italy's murky political world is happy for Italy's loss making national broadcaster to be reformed, though. For those who do not know, Italy's public free to air television service is a … [Read more...]

Italy’s Delta Force

Although not directly comparable to the legendary American special forces unit of the same name, Italy's delta force did specialise in clandestine operations by all accounts. It did not battle international terrorists or despotic regimes, though. In actual fact it probably did the opposite. Some … [Read more...]