Rome’s Colosseum Risks Collapse

The Colosseum

Works to extend Rome's underground rail network could pose a threat to the structural stability of one of the most famous landmarks in the world - the Colosseum.   Many Italian newspapers, such as Il Fatto Quotidiano are carrying stories which claim that the extension of Rome's underground … [Read more...]

Into the Bowels of the Colosseum in Rome

View from the top

If and when you visit the Colosseum in Rome, I suggest you take the underground tour. The underground Colosseum tour first opened late 2011 and then was closed right away due to storms.  It reopened in April this year.  Upon my travels to Rome I decided that I would go on one of these Colosseum … [Read more...]

Battlefield Rome Rattles Italy

As you may well have heard, Rome was transformed into a battlefield last weekend.  Millions of Euros of damage were caused to buildings, businesses and vehicles in Italy's capital by rioters.  The hunt for the mysterious Black Block perpetrators of the violence and destruction is now on. The Rome … [Read more...]

Rome Earthquake Fears

Rome by Night by Di Mackey

There is a rumour flying around the Italian web and a few doom spreading Facebook groups that Rome will be hit by a major earthquake tomorrow, May 11, 2011. There do, oddly enough, appear to have been some bouts of seismic activity recently, and not too far from Rome - keep reading to find out … [Read more...]