Christmas Lights in Milan

Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan at Christmas 2014

I was out an about with my camera late last night and captured this image of the Christmas lights in Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, Italy. With a little digital magic, I converted the photograph into black and white. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate this … [Read more...]

Pink Spring Blossoms in Milan

Spring Blossoms in Milan Italy

Springtime in Milan, Italy is a time of stunning pink flower blossoms, as I think the photographs here I took this Sunday in early April show. Aside from running great distances, people were even eating outside today. It was not that warm initially, but then it warmed up - leaving me with a sun … [Read more...]

Topless Girl Sunbathing in Milan

While out in Milan's Sempione park today, I espied a topless girl sunbathing and photographed her seeing as I had my camera with me and on it was a 300mm lens. I could not resist playing paparazzi for a moment, so here is the photograph of said topless girl. As you will no doubt note, the … [Read more...]