Golf in Italy, Off Course by an Ostrich

Tiger Woods would Love Golfing in Italy

Spain is quite well known for its golf courses, but Italy is not so well known for golf, which is a shame, because Italy should really be one of the world's top golf tourism destinations.  It might come as a slight surprise to learn that there are over 220 golf courses situated throughout the Living … [Read more...]

Important Note

It is likely that Blog from Italy, and sister site Italyisin will be down for up to three days - hopefully much less. Do not worry - some things are going on in the background, and once they have been sorted out Blog from Italy will be back. If you want to know how things are coming along, I … [Read more...]

Warring Ministers

Ignazio La Russa

In the right corner we have Italy's Defence Minister, Ignazio La Russa.  In the other right corner, donning his gloves, there is Italy's Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni. Iganzio La Russa who belongs to Italy's 'once we were fascists' party has irked Northern League disciple Maroni.   Remember … [Read more...]

Good News!

I nearly forgot about this. The other day, an Italian reader wrote to the E-Polis free newspaper to, in a way, stand up for immigrants in Italy. This reader had lost his mobile phone, but then, luckily, the police called him to say that it had been handed in to them. When this person asked who had … [Read more...]