A Potentially Fine Situation

Paolo Sarpi, Milan, ZTL - First Day

Today, Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, Italy became a ZTL or restricted traffic zone.  This means that those who enter this street will be observed by cameras and will receive a fine if they are not authorised to pass along this street. The instigation of this new restriction is for a trial period of six … [Read more...]

Paolo Sarpi Pedestrianisation

Via Paolo Sarpi - Milan

The Paolo Sarpi area of central Milan has become somewhat overrun by wholesale clothing outlets run by Chinese companies and the situation has caused problems for local residents. Now, after lots of umming and aahing, the Milanese authorities have decided that the only way to overcome the unwelcome … [Read more...]

A Chinese Puzzle

We all remember the sad case of poor Maddie McCann, the little English girl who disappeared while her parents where on holiday in Portugal, well, my other half possibly managed to avert a similar situation yesterday, Sunday, in Milan. … [Read more...]

The Library in Sempione Park, Milan


This is not a bad place to end up if you need a little peace and quiet. It's right in the middle of Milan's main Sempione park, and you should be able to get free Wi-Fi there too. Don't let the 70s reject architecture put you off. The photo is the result of my playing around with my Tokina 12-24 … [Read more...]

Not Nice

I was out with our dog when I noticed another dog on the other side of the road.  It was off its leash and appeared to have wandered into the road.  The owners seemed to be a Chinese family: mother, father, and child in stroller.  Unusual, I mused, you don't see that many people of Chinese … [Read more...]