Top Italian Music Hit of 2009

Italian music blog ChartItalia which follows the contemporary Italian music scene, recently published a list of the top 100 hits in Italy for 2009.  So what, I asked myself, was the top Italian music hit of 2009? Interestingly, for me anyway, it is not an Italian track which made it to the top of … [Read more...]

The Mirrors

As a result of my hanging out on Twitter I came across Italian band the Mirrors, or rather they came across me, seeing as they decided to 'follow' Blog from Italy's Twitter channel. Some time back I came across another Italian band, wrote a little about them and posted a few of their videos on … [Read more...]

Italian Music From the 80s

Ever wondered about Italian music from the 80s?  Well, if you have, this post is for you. There does seem to be something of resurgence in interest in the 80s look at the moment too. It's also Friday, and what with all the fuss over the Berlusconi family marital problems, things have become … [Read more...]