Is Italy a Normal Country?

Il Fatto quoditiano mourns press freedom in Italy

Things are starting to look abnormally ominous for press freedom in Italy.  Legislation introducing new wire-tapping, or rather, anti-wire-tapping stroke press gagging rules, took a step closer to being written into Italy's law books yesterday after the bill proposing the changes passed though … [Read more...]

Wire Tapping Troubles in Italy

As ever, lots is going on in Italy.  From films criticising the current 'regime' to proposals to save Italy millions.  What all these goings-on have in common is controversy, as often seems to be the case in Italy. One thing in particular is causing a major stir - the Berlusconi government's … [Read more...]

How Laws Become Laws in Italy

This is just a quick post on how laws end up becoming so in Italy, as well as some brief comment on an interesting new law which is being dressed up as a reform. I'm writing this post in the face of new legislation which is intended, or so its instigators claim, to reform and speed up Italy's … [Read more...]

Ronde in Italy

Roberto Maroni - Italy's Interior Minister

This post is for those who may have heard the term 'ronde' bandied around in the Italian news lately.  I will attempt to explain what ronde in Italy are and why they have been set up. First of all, a brief explanation of what ronde are.  'Ronde' can be translated as 'patrols' in English, and this … [Read more...]

Corruption and Extortion in Italian

Corrupt Legislation, Vedder Highsmith

Those of you who are not Italian, but read Italian newspapers, will often come across the words 'corruzione' and 'concussione'.  Do you know what 'concussione' means? No, it's got nothing to do with being banged on the head, just in case you were wondering.  That would be far too simple.  Such a … [Read more...]