Not in Italy

Yesterday, in the company of three Italians, and women at that, I made a little discovery concerning something which is not in Italy. What I discovered was that something I grew up with in England is hardly known here in Italy.  This surprised me, as the item to which I am referring inhabited … [Read more...]

A Wii Aperatif

The wee Wii

Those with a Scottish background could be forgiven for thinking that a 'wii' aperitif meant a 'quick' aperitif, but no, it really was an aperitif followed by a few bouts on Nintendo's latest box of tricks which goes by the oddish name of 'Wii'. Despite the funny wee name, a great wee time was had … [Read more...]

I’m a Lime – What Tree Are You?

Not happy with your star sign? Don't like the meaning of your Christian name? Feeling a bit wooden? Then maybe you'd like to know what tree you are! And, by now I'm sure you are pining to know. Groan. If so, go to the About:Holisitc Healing site to find out! And let me know if you like, especially … [Read more...]

The Vatican is Anti-Berlusconi!

Yep, it's official, well almost. There have been quite a number of news stories about the new 21st century sins that the dear old Vatican has come up with. And here they are, the sins, that is, in no particular order, at least I don't believe so: Environmental pollution - Change you car - or … [Read more...]