How Italy Could Improve Its English

Two out of three Italians still do not speak half decent English according to a report compiled by Italian news website Linkiesta using Isfol Plus 2010 data. I teach English and from personal experience can confirm that in general the vast majority, around 80%, of young Italians I see do not know … [Read more...]

Did You Know?

In Italian, the word for 'cat' is 'gatto', whereas in Latin, or rather, ancient Italian, the word for 'cat' was 'cattus'. This means that the English language word for 'cat' is closer to Latin than the modern Italian word 'gatto'. Curious what you come across whilst researching the differences … [Read more...]

Pasticceria Scarpato – Nice cakes, shame about the website

I won't say how I found out about the site of Italian biscuit and cake maker, Scarpato, but I decided to check it out. Well, I do like Italian food and one of the aims of this blog is to do a little promotion of all things Italian. So, off I went to have a mosey around. What I found was a very … [Read more...]