Italy’s Surprise Recovery

Despite the bad news that seems to hover permanently over Italy’s economic future an unexpected ray of sunshine has broken through. Purchasing managers indices measure what industry is ordering now for future delivery. They are regarded as solid indicators of where an economy is … [Read more...]

How is Renzi’s Italy Coming Along?

Is Italy Going in the Right Direction?

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi catapulted to power at the end of February 2014 and duly promised Italy a reform a month. Indeed, at the start of March, Renzi announced that he'd sort out Italy in a mere 100 days. Has he managed to? No, not at all. Renzi's 100 day one reform a month programme … [Read more...]

Italy Can’t Go On Like This


The title of this article on the Wall Street Journal website is self-explanatory: Can Italy Find Its Way? Resistance to Change Means Slow Recovery For those who have not read it, the problems affecting Italy mentioned in the WSJ article, and mentioned more than a few times on Italy Chronicles, … [Read more...]