Venice Mayor Freed


Although he's still under instigation for his role in the massive Venice MOSE flood barrier corruption affair, Venice mayor Giorgio Orsoni was freed last week. He promptly waltzed back into his mayoral office. A couple of days after saying he would not resign as mayor of Venice, Orsoni did just … [Read more...]

Half the Cost of Corruption in Europe Comes from Italy, Except it Doesn’t, Maybe

According to the European Union, the annual cost of corruption to the economies of Europe is around €120 billion. Italy's Court of Auditors reckons corruption costs Italy's economy around €60 billion annually. At first sight, one could perhaps be forgiven for arguing that Italy is responsible for … [Read more...]

Italy Corruption Watch 2014

There are lots of lucrative troughs for the corrupt in Italy

New for 2014 on Italy Chronicles, a post dedicated to recording instances of actual and suspected corruption in Italy. In Italy, alas, corruption is a major problem which penetrates politics and business as well as damaging Italy's economy and dissuading foreign direct investment. While Italy has … [Read more...]