The Frightening Rogue of the Week: The Anonymous Cardinal

Within the group of cardinals sending out smoke signals from the Sistine chapel in Rome, Italy, lurks a cardinal who recently justified paedophilia as a phenomenon which is physiological and inevitable.

The name of the cardinal who seems to think paedophilia is inevitable remains unknown, and will probably remain so. That a gentleman with such an opinion could become the next pope is frightening.

According to the cardinal who was interviewed for the Piazza Pulita political chat show on Italy’s La 7 television channel, children seek caresses and hugs from priests.  Continuing, the cardinal claimed that some fragile children sought what he called “l’affettività carnale” which could be translated as “carnal affection”. The cardinal virtually blamed children for encouraging paedophilia.

Knowing that the Roman Catholic church is run by men with such opinions is disturbing to say the least.

Today, it was revealed that around $10,000,000 had been paid in America to four victims of a priest who provided children with his own brand of “carnal affection” in .  Cardinal Mahony, the former head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, has been accused of trying to cover up the sex abuse perpetrated by a now, defrocked, priest.  The ex-priest was convicted of sex abuse in 2007.

Cardinal Mahony is one of those in Rome busily choosing a new pope. Maybe he was the cardinal who was interviewed? Hopefully not, but you never know.

We don’t even know whether or not the cardinal in question is Italian, but the fact he made a direct reference to the number of dioceses in Italy suggests he probably is.

The cardinal with such an odd and terrifying point of view qualifies as, at the very least, an rogue of the week, whether he’s Italian or not.

Let’s pray that the cardinal concerned does not end up as the next pope – for the sake of our children.

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  1. Klee says

    Dear new pope francis,
    Congrats on the promotion. Good for you. Now before you start, can I suggest that you focus a little less on declaring the ‘sinfulness’ of birth control and homosexuality and a little more on booting out the monsters who assault children? Maybe then you can stop hemorraging both money and followers. Just a suggestion.
    Best of luck,

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