Not So Kind Rousing Pop Rock from Modena

Not So Kind are a Modena, Italy based power pop/ pop punk band with Alex on vocals/guitar, Nick doing vocals/Lead Guitar, Bonfo, singing playing synth and keyboards, Lollu on bass and doing vocals, and last but not least, Mike on drums.

Here’s Not So Kind’s rousing track I’m Never What You Want Me to Be for you to have a listen to. It’s in English, but the band also sings in Italian, as you’ll hear in the track which follows this one.

Video of Not So Kind – I’m Never What You Want Me To Be

YouTube Preview Image

Sounds very good (Almost too good..). Well produced too. I don’t think its a cover, let me know if you think it is.

Another Video of Not So Kind – Pensieri (Translation: Thoughts)

YouTube Preview Image

The Italian and English tracks sound quite different – this is a good sign in my musical book and indicates the band is versatile, if it is genuine.

There’s not much information on the band, but if I’m Never What You Want Me to Be is anything to go by, they should have a good future.

Let me know what you think and if you have heard them live.

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