Lovely Selvarossa Riserva Red Wine

Recently, I tried a bottle of 2004 Selvarossa Riserva red wine which I had kept back for the cooler weather and an apt occasion.

I was lucky to receive a bottle of Selvarossa Riserva as a gift from one of my business English course students – Luca Perrone.  Luca spoke very highly of Selvarossa Riserva so I was curious to try it.  I am happy to report that it was very good wine indeed.

Selvarossa Riserva red wine

Selvarossa Riserva red wine

Selvarossa Riserva is a full bodied, robust red which is just the thing for full flavoured red meat or game dishes, which is exactly the pairings suggested by producer Cantine Due Palme.

I was not too surprised to learn that Selvarossa Risvera has won a string of awards, both in Italy and abroad.  recently, it came third in the Best Red Wines category in the 2013 Luca Maroni Best Italian wines awards.

By Cantine Due Palme

Based in Puglia in southern Italy, the Cantine Due Palme cooperative has been active since 1989.  The cooperative has 1,000 members who cultivate around 220 hectares of vines in the provinces of Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce in an area known as the Salento.

Through the years, this Italian wine producing cooperative has worked hard to raise the profile of its wines both within Italy and further afield, thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of the cooperative’s president Angelo Maci.  Maci is highly regarded within Italy’s wine industry and has manged to ensure Cantine due Palme has thrived despite the current economic crisis.

An Ultra Modern Winery

The transformation of the area’s annual production of around 20 million kilos of grapes into fine wines takes place at the ultra-modern Cellino San Marco winery which opened its doors in 2008.

Today, Cantine Due Palme offers a range of 24 wines – reds, whites, roses, desserts and sparkling wines.

If you are looking for a few interesting wines to try this festive season, or even in any season, take a look at Cantine Due Palme’s selection here:

See too, the attractively packaged wine presentation packs:

Delivery is free on orders of over €150.

Incidentally, the Salento area in which Cantine due Palme makes its wines has a reputation for natural beauty, although it is not that well known outside Italy, it is growing in popularity as a tourist destination.

If you have not visited this area of Italy,I can think of at least 24 good reasons why perhaps you should.  Cheers!

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    Hi Alex, I live there and can say that the area called Salento is really a stop if someone want to know Puglia region. Go to Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli. I like Selvarossa Cantine Due Palme although I think it is not a real expression of local terroir. There are dozens of wineries in the area, you may try to write a post about a quick wine tour here 😉

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