Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo is possibly not the most well known of Italian regions.  When you see images of the area though, you start to wonder just why it is not up there with the likes of Tuscany.

For some though, Abruzzo’s relative anonymity is a good thing.  You might like to think of Abruzzo as being ‘off the beaten track’ Italy, and for some, this may appeal.  Note too that skiing is possible in this Italian region, mainly in the area around Roccaraso, of which I have already written.

Today’s Images of Italy photo is of a lovely looking little Italian village which clings to a hillside in Abruzzo called Loreto Aprutino.  The image is from a new blog called Abruzzo notes.

Loreto Aprutino by Abruzzo Notes

Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy

Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy

With thanks to the as yet anonymous author of Abruzzo Notes for having given me permission to use this lovely image of an enchanting Italian village.

The Abruzzo Notes blog is still evolving, but plenty of images of Abruzzo are available for browsing within the Abruzzo Note’s photo gallery.

I came across Abruzzo Notes because whoever is behind the site mentioned and linked to my November 2007 post on southern Italian ski resort Roccasraso.  And when I saw a few of the photos there, I thought ‘I’d love to use a few of these!’.

Best of luck to Abruzzo Notes and I hope to see the site expand into a wealth of information about this lovely Italian region.

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  1. says

    My husband (and my mother’s side of the family) is from Abruzzo (Celano, AQ) and I love it! We go quite often as we have lots and lots of family there. Have you been to *L’anglo d’Abruzzo* here in Milan? The food is excellent and very authentic, I feel like I’m eating at my mother in law’s! I’ll check out Abruzzo Notes right away.

  2. says

    L’angolo D’Abruzzo (da Giannino)
    Via Rosolino Pilo, 20
    (about a 15 minute walk from Porta Venezia M or minutes from Porta Venezia passante)
    Prices are good too. I highly recommend the macaroni alla chittarra con ragu di cingiale and the lamb and roast potatoes! Wasn’t crazy about the house red though.

  3. says

    I always felt that Abruzzo Notes had a bit of an identity crisis, since it was living on aboutabruzzzo.com/wordpress! I have done a little housekeeping and the result is that the new name for Abruzzo Notes is About Abruzzo, and the new home is http://aboutabruzzo.com.

    All the best,


  4. Dave says

    Hoping to stay in Loreto Aprutino for a week in May/July this year and am looking for a house or apartment for 6-8 people. There is very little on websites advertising this area. Any suggestions?

    • Pauline Connolly says

      We have a four double bedroom, three storey, townhouse in the historical centre of Loreto Aprutino that we would consider letting. It is a large well furnished house with a new berloni kitchen. It has good views of the mountains and is only a short walk from the town piazza. There is nearby parking available. If this is of interest contact 07947 455544

      • says

        Hi Pauline,

        Have you got a website where people can go to find out more information? If not, I know a web designer who could help you…



        • Pauline Connolly says

          Hi Alex,

          No, we do not have a website. To be honest we have never let our house out, it was only when I saw the post from Dave saying that they were looking for accomodation in Loreto Aprutino for 8 people but could not find any that posted my comment.


          • says

            Hi Pauline,

            Ok – thanks for letting me know about the website situation.

            If you don’t object, and would still like to let out your house, I’ll leave your phone number. You never know, someone might get in touch.

            On the other hand, if you want me to remove the number, just give me a shout via a comment or the contact system.

            Best regards,


      • appimate says

        Hello Pauline,
        We would like to come to Abruzzo in two or three families (7 or 11 people), second half of July (for two or three weeks). Is it free at your place? What would be the price, please?
        Can you email me at appimate@o2.pl, please?
        I will really appreciate it!
        Take care,

  5. Michael says

    Hi Alex,
    My brother and I just book a flight to Italy for October 11th for 10 days.. One of stops and the main reason for going is Loreto Aprutino. This is the birhtplace of my grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side. Natually we are going to check to see if any living relatives still reside there or in the area. We have been to Italy before but never to the east coast side. Any pointers on visiting? Really looking forward to seeing my ancestors birthplace.
    Michael DiSylvester

  6. says

    Well, I have Milanese ancestors, although I’d prefer to have Italian ancestors from Abruzzo! Preferably living relatives, actually:-) I envy you Joanne.

    No, I have never been to *L’anglo d’Abruzzo*, but I shall now track it down and pay it a visit. Thanks for the tip!

    Hope you like Abruzzo Notes – but do remember that its still evolving – even if I happen to know that the person behind the site is a big Abruzzo fan.



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