This Lamborghini is a Real Bird Puller!

I can 100% guarantee that if you buy this Lamborghini you will be able to pull birds – lots of them and with absolute ease too!

In fact, with this incredible Lambo you’ll be able to pull more birds than you ever dreamed off – a veritable harem of them!

With this amazing Lambo, the chicks really will be lining up behind you.

This Lamborghini has a 6 cylinder 7,146 cc turbo engine developing masses of torque.  It’s all wheel drive and uses biofuel too.  It really is the ultimate bird pulling machine!

I guess you’ll be wanting to see a picture of this super bird pulling Lamborgini, so:

Click here to see one of the most powerful Lamborghini bird pullers ever made!

Silvio Berlusconi has ordered several of these super bird pulling Lamborghinis, or so go the rumours.

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  1. Andy says

    We had a Lamborghini tractor at a National Trust property at which I used to work. It wasn’t very quick or sporty, though it was yellow. In fact, the only birds it pulled are the ones that went under its wheels. It was an accident. Honest.

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