Italy’s Odd Beauty Parade

Taking place in Rome, Italy today is one of the oddest beauty parades you are ever likely to see, and you won’t find many, if any, beauties taking part. The judge is an old chap who just happens to be Italy’s president.

The contestants in this beauty parade are Italy’s main political parties – the center-left PD led by cigar chomping beauty Bersani, then there’s angry beauty Beppe Grillo leading the establishment shaking 5 Star Movement.

Completing the line-up is the tanned man himself, Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the save Silvio Berlusconi fan club PdL party.  The many who gave the world bunga bunga will probably be sporting a fetching pair of ‘mafia don’ style sunglasses.

Presiding over the beauty parade will be Italy’s president Napolitano who has the unenviable task of deciding the lucky winner. The “beauty” who manages to catch the president’s eye will get to govern Italy for a few months or so and probably not much longer.

Who will be the beauty queen and lucky winner? Nobody knows, but the contestants will be asked the usual questions to which replies such as “I want to….

  • save Italy’s children
  • give Jobs to everyone,
  • feed the world,
  • give stray dogs nice homes,
  • keep Silvio out of the clink”

may be the winning, or not, responses.

Will someone be crowned, will somebody crown someone? Will Silvio Berlusconi field some last minute silicone beauties in a last ditch attempt to catch the eye of presiding judge Napolitano?

We’ll find out soon enough! Maybe. Only one thing is clear: everyone taking part wants to be the winner! Miss Italy 2013, here we come!

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