Italy Map plus YouTube Videos

If you are looking to while away a few minutes, perhaps while waiting for an important phone call or suchlike, and you are thinking about coming to Italy for a summer holiday, then this Italy map link might prove fun.

Even if you were not thinking about a vacation in Italy, you might end up doing so after seeing a few of the videos here!  Be warned.  The plethora of videos available makes Italy look like a pizza!  Quite appropriate really.

It is quite simply a Google Map of Italy, plus a pot pourri the YouTube videos on Italy.

Here is the link for you to click, but only if you have some time to waste!

Italy Map with YouTube Videos

A little thought: if you do come to Italy this summer, then, in theory, you will be helping Italy help the people of earthquake struck Abruzzo – who need as much help as they can get to rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

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  1. Tremonti says

    When watching videos of Italy (Rome), I don’t care for the music displayed through the video.
    I would rather hear Italian music with videos of Italy.
    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

    • Alex says

      Hi Tremonti,

      You are more than welcome to express opinions here. That’s what this site is all about. As for Italian music for Rome videos, good idea.

      What Italian music would you suggest? Actually, which Italian music best represents Italy? It would not be a bad idea to select a singer or piece of Italian music to represent each Italian region. Just a thought.

      Best regards,


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