Italian Christmas Song Babbo Baby Sung by Mad Italian Djs and Irene Grandi

Radio DJs, regardless of nationality, seem to be an extrovert, if generally invisible bunch.

This loopy bunch of Italian DJs from the appropriately named RadioDeeJay station got together to record what could turn out to be sleeper Christmas hit in Italy – Babbo Baby.  There’s also the original, but less loopy version of the same track by Italian singeress Irene Grandi.

Today’s Italian music interlude features first the Babbo Baby – Deejay Roulette version for you to listen to and, seeing as there are Italian subtitles, er, maybe improve your Italian a little and then the original.

Dubious linguistic benefits aside, it’s a fun track, so happy listening.

By the way, the Radio DeeJay DJs are not invisible seeing as there is Radio DeeJay TV for you to aim your internet browsers or HotBird satellite dishes at.  Very good for comprehension, assuming, that is, DJs say much which is comprehensible! 😉

First of all, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you for your Christmas listening pleasure – round of applause appreciated:

Babbo Baby – Deejay Roulette version

Listen once, and why not then sing along!

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s the original version by Irene Grandi and the Free Climbers and very jaunty it is too:

Irene Grandi & The Free Climbers – Babbo Baby

YouTube Preview Image

Marry Christmas everybody! 😉

Two for the price of one  today – well, these are austere times we’re living in.



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