Is Mario Monti Good For Italy? Not really.

While this site suffers from a bout of technological hiccups, I suggest you go off to read a fascinating article on why Mario Monti and his technocrats failed and why the approach of another, less distinguished but more expert economist Ecuador’s Rafael Correa would probably have sorted out Italy’s ills and keep austerity at bay.

Here’s an article Italy watchers should be reading:

The article is: Why Is the Failed Monti a ‘Technocrat’ and the Successful Correa a ‘Left-Leaning Economist’? by William K. Black.

It may even provide inspiration for future Italian leaders too.

Come on Italy, challenge those minority interest groups and get this great nation back on track.

The only fly, or perhaps, whale, in the ointment, is who exactly Italians should vote for. At present, nobody springs to mind. Why?

Because “A nation that elects Berlusconi its leader already has a severe democratic deficit.” And this “severe democratic deficit still exists.

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  1. Sergei says

    Hi Alex!
    I really appreciated the valuable information in your posts related to traffic fines (a few of which I have received lately). And then I stumbled across this piece about Monti and the link (which you seem to endorse) to an amusing website “Common Dreams”. Setting aside Correa (it seems to me that Latin America is really a special case) – do you really think that Italy’s problem is that it is not spending enough? :) Do you construct your family budget with “Spend more!” motto? I am just curious and somewhat surprised.
    Thanks and please keep up the great work of this blog!

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