How Venice Works

Venice may well be my favorite city in Italy, so when I found this video documentary on Venice in English, I could not resist and had to pop it on Italy Chronicles.

The documentary explains how Venice works, and, why it does not.  It also shows what is being done to ensure Venice does not slide back into the muddy lagoon from whence it came.

Behind the video is the company responsible for shoring up Venice’s buildings: Insula spa as well as the Venice municipal authority.

In addition to telling you about Venice’s canals and buildings, you will learn something about the history of Italy’s marvellous floating city.

Appropriately enough the video is entitled Venice Backstage.

I suspect I came across this video before, but at that time it was only in Italian.  Well, it is now narrated in English which means you, my dear readers, can now enjoy it.

Venice Backstage

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