Earthquake in Fivizzano area of Tuscany, Italy

Today, a little after 12:30pm Italian time, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Fivizzano – Massa area of north Tuscany in Italy.

UPDATE: 17:18 – Tremors in the area are continuing. After the 5.2 earthquake, two more of 4.0 were registered along with a swarm of other tremors which are continuing as I write.

Civil defense authorities in the area are evaluating whether or not to set up tent cities for local residents.

End of update.

Map Showing Zone Affected by Today’s Earthquakes


The earthquake was felt in the nearby Liguria region of Italy, and in the cities of, Genoa, Milan and Florence.

After the 5.2 magnitude event, another magnitude 3 or so tremor was felt in the same areas. As noted above, further tremors are occurring.

There are some reports of damage to buildings in the area close to the Fivizzano and Casole epicentre. One person has been injured in Postella according to one report I’ve picked up via Twitter.

Another Twitter user said that a building had been evacuated in La Spezia which is on the coast of southern Liguria. Buildings have been damaged in Lunigiana.

One Twitter user in Milan stated that her first floor desk in the Citta Studi area of the city shook noticeably.

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake is moderately strong and can damage buildings which have not been earthquake proofed.

This post will be updated as the situation becomes clearer.

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