X-Factor Winner Due Respiri by Italian Singer Chiara

The song Due Respiri by Italian singer Chiara is an Italian music hit which sits at number 5 on the MTV Italy singles charts and is the highest placed Italian language hit in the current charts, even if it is on its way down.

At number one in Italy at the moment is Scream and Shout featuring Britney Spears.

Co-written by noted Italian star Eros Ramazzotti, Due Respiri is an X-Factor Italy winner, even if singer Chiara benefited from having her track co-penned by singer Ramazotti who has had a string of hits in Italy through the years.

26 year old Chiara Galiazzo from Padua, Italy won the sixth edition of X-Factor in Italy. The video shown here has been viewed on YouTube nearly 700,000 times.

Here is a video of one of her X-Factor performances. In the video you will also see the song’s lyrics, so you can sing along, should you wish to do so. Singing may help your pronunciation of Italian.

Happy listening! And singing :)

I give you:

Due Respiri (Two breaths) by Chiara

YouTube Preview Image

Who is your favourite Italian singer?

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