Italian Traffic Light Scams

Red Light

Recently Italian newspapers have carried details of two fiddles involving supposedly legitimate traffic control systems. Even the UK press has heard about traffic lights which were adjusted to increase income from fines, but how many know about potentially uncertified Italian traffic control … [Read more...]

Speedy Notification

Inforad - motobike version

For motorists and motorcyclists unfamiliar with Italian roads, speed limits, and speed cameras, devices like these may help ensure that an unexpected speeding fine does not drop through your letterbox at sometime after your trip round Italy. I was as our local electronics store today in order to … [Read more...]

Traffic fines

Back in September 2006 I wrote a post about how to settle those pesky speeding/traffic fines you may end up with either during or after a stay in Italy. I did not imagine that my little post would end up being viewed more than 2500 times and commented on around 100 times, but it has, and this seems … [Read more...]

Speeding in Italy

Those very nice people over at La Polizia dello Stato, the Italian State Police, publish a list of where and when they will be carrying out checks on the speed of vehicles. You can find the most up to date .pdf list here, in Italian. Just click on the region that interests you, and be aware that … [Read more...]