Those Weather Dependent Italians

While I thought us Brits were bad when it came to moaning and groaning about the weather, it seems Italians are just as bad, if not a little worse. 2014's unsettled weather is keeping Italians from travelling. If the nation's weather forecasters hint that its going to rain at the weekend, … [Read more...]

Chianti. Classic – or Con ?

Chianto Classico's famous Black Rooster logo

Chianti and I have if not exactly a love-hate relationship, then one based on mutual incomprehension. Try as I might, I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Chianti can’t understand why. Not that I think Chianti’s a bad wine. A judiciously-chosen bottle’s a perfectly fine accompaniment to a … [Read more...]

Videos of Flooding in Milan, Italy

Anti-Berlusconi protest in Milan, Italy

It bucketed it down last night here in Milan, Italy. The rain was literally noisy, thought at around one in the morning not that many people would have heard it. Then again, maybe it woke a few people up. When the rain attempts to deposit the contents of nearby Lake Como and Lake Maggiore on … [Read more...]