Christmas Wines Part One – Fizzies. Stickies. And A Drop Of The Hard Stuff.

Pink, fizzy Brachetto D'Acqui

In the three remaining Italian wine notes of the year, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for good - and good value - Italy inspired Christmas drinking. Last time out, I told you how you could rustle-up a particularly good home-made Limoncello that’s perfect as a festive gift for friends and … [Read more...]

Is Italy’s Climate Changing?

Summer 2014 was not too kind to Italy. To this Italy resident it seems Italy's traditionally sunny climate is becoming less sunny. Over the last few years, summer temperatures have felt lower and the start and end of the seasons in Italy has become increasingly blurry. This begs the question: Is the … [Read more...]

How Trustworthy Are Italians?

Levels of Trust in Italy

Italy's official Statistics office, ISTAT, is a treasure trove of information on Italy. Amongst many other aspects of Italy, ISTAT also monitors levels of trust, and has been doing so since 2010. It seems Italians are not particularly trustworthy, or at least they don't think they are. Having … [Read more...]