Scintillating Music from Sicily -The Blue Purple Bees

Coming from Catania, Sicily, the Blue Purple Bees are an Italian pop/rock band who write and sing their music in English.

The band are Drew on vocals, guitars, keyboards, Sten on lead guitar and Chacondar on drums. Blue Purple Bees’ influences, which can be fairly easily heard in their music, well, I think so, are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, and the slithery EELS.  I thought I could here a touch of Marc Bolan of T-Rex in the ‘Bees more recent stuff.

Personally, I like the BPB’s sound.  About the only criticism I have is that their songs are too short!  Hopefully this is just because they’ve been shortened for the web, which is likely.

The Blue Purple Bees

The Blue Purple Bees

With its contradictory retro, but modern sound (listen and you will understand!) Blue Purple Bees music is well worth listening to, so here is some of it to give you a buzz.

Blue Purple Bees – Hands Blues

YouTube Preview Image

Would you like some more? I thought you might, so here you go.

From the selection that follows, Waiting for a Great Dream and You’re A Gun are excellent.  Actually, they are all pretty good.

Here are some more interesting Blue Purple Bees tracks for you to check out:

These guys should be doing well.  Any A&R people out there looking to sign something new?  If so, give the Blue Purple Bees a listen and then, a buzz.

The band’s new album is out and can be downloaded here – Daily Home Reflections Album and here is the album cover:

Thanks guys and Carol!

Them Blue Purple Bees is darn good, well, I sure think so.

This is the Blue Purple Bees’ manager’s email address:

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