Advertising, and other Thoughts

I’ve been showing Google ads for a while now, and I’ve been experimenting with one or two other ad systems.

Why bother showing ads? Simple: income. However, what I want to do with potential advertising income is use it to help me devote more time to running the 5 or so sites I have set up.

The more income I can generate, the more time I can devote to this blogging thing. Why? Well, first I like it a lot, and second, it sort of fulfils an ambition of mine, which is to become a full time writer. Writers, like everyone else, need to eat, support families, and pay bills – hence the ads.

I’d also like to take people on to help me out and build my little network into something useful. Obviously, if I want people to work with me, I’m going to have to give them something in return. Again, the adverts should help me move down this road.

Shortly I shall start running some ads for an Italo-English real estate company. These ads won’t produce any income initially, but I hope they produce results for the advertiser, for this blog and the other sites I’d love to spend more time developing.

I do hope you, my valued readers, and great bunch of people don’t hate me too much for going commercial, and I hope this post explains my motivation a little.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. It is great to hear from so many people, and to have made quite a number of on and off line friends.


Alex Roe – the man behind Blog from Italy.

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  1. says

    Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever discovered . However, it is time-consuming and needs to be done “professionally” otherwise you won’t make it big.

    Your blog is an excellent one and Alex, you have what takes to have a successful blog. You are a great writer, you are passionate about your topic and you can handle the technical aspects of blogging.

    In my opinion, the only thing that the blog needs is a redesign and a bit of marketing.

  2. says

    Hi Rajab,

    Many thanks for the compliments and words of encouragement – and you are right, blogging is very interesting, but, doing it well is time consuming too. Crafting a good post can take some time to do.

    As to a redesign, what would you suggest? Are there any WP themes you have seen that you think would work better for this blog?

    It would be great to hear what you think.



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